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With hundreds of ERP Projects delivered worldwide and our network of consultants comprising of over 1,000 experts. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you and your business with the right resource, the right knowledge, methodology and approach for your business applications project. The JS3 Global team truly can provide first-class global ERP solutions that can match your business with the expertise you and your project needs.

Applications we serve:

Infor LN / Baan
A full suite of business functions suited to managing large projects.
Infor M3 / Movex
A complete enterprise software solution for SMEs.
Helping deliver services through collaboration and research.
A cloud-based solution whi integrates data and processes.
The ERP Lifecycle
1. Selection
Start your project on the right foot with a considered ERP line-up.
The ERP Lifecycle
2. Upgrade
Update your current systems with the help of our expert consultants’ expertise
The ERP Lifecycle
3. Implement
Ensure all planning and production is effective with implementation support.
The ERP Lifecycle
4. Rollout
Extend your ERP project’s value and scope with rollout assistance.
The ERP Lifecycle
5. Maintain
Keep your ERP working hard and performing effectively.
The ERP Lifecycle
6. Develop
Create a robust ERP project with our expert assistance.
The ERP Lifecycle
7. Replace
Implement an improved ERP project to replace outdated or ineffective software.
The ERP Lifecycle
8. Acquisition & Mergers
Ensure no knowledge or processes are lost during acquisition and mergers.