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Providing diverse industry applications and freedom in deployment to meet the demands of a fast-paced, service-driven digital world.

ERP solutions across industries
Working across all industries from manufacturing to aviation and beyond
Diverse solutions
SaaS, Managed Cloud or On-Premise solutions provided
Simple functionality
Beautiful, user-friendly interface and functionality

Ever-evolving software solutions for modern business.

IFS have developed industry-specific products with customizable elements which lend themselves perfectly to your business and the industry requirements. From IFS Applications, offering supply chain management, to IFS Maintenix, the aviation maintenance software solution: your business is given tailor-made support.

IFS Labs is IFS’s research and development suite which looks at future trends and market changes to help ensure it’s always at the cutting edge. This continual cycle of improvement can help protect your business against changing regulations and customer buying patterns.

With JS3 Global, you’ll have access to our extensive network of IFS software consultants. We can introduce you to IFS-experienced consultants with your industry expertise.