Find experienced Infor QAD/MFGPro Consultants

35 years+ experience delivering ERP solutions to manufacturing businesses, helping them with supply chains, integration and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain insight & analysis
Provides in-depth insight into your business’ supply chain
Grows with your business
Full adaptability to meet evolving business needs
Complete system integration
Flexible solutions to integrate with existing systems

Established software solutions for manufacturing businesses

For manufacturers with a complex and ever-changing supply chain, QAD provides a specialist supply chain management solution. This will grant your business greater visibility over every link in this chain to ensure that each part is aligned and operating cohesively.

Your customers want more for less, with a quick turnaround. That’s an unavoidable by-product of working in a busy industry. QAD can help streamline processes to help you deliver what your customers want and in a timeframe competitors can’t match.

With JS3 Global, you’ll have access to our extensive network of QAD software consultants. We can introduce you to QAD-experienced consultants with your industry expertise.