Green Field Implementation for Large F&B Business


After acquiring an operation in East Africa, a large European beverage company decided to bring their new business onto their existing SAP ECC, but needed additional resource to manage the project.

When the company acquired the operation in East Africa, there was a decision to make regarding their ERP process – bring the new operation into the existing fold or create something discrete. The decision to bring the new acquisition onto the SAP ECC application that was already being used was made, despite a lack of resource to manage the project.

The client sought out our help, requesting we deliver a project manager with the requisite experience and skill level as well as working knowledge of both the European and African markets.


The client set quite a specific list of demands for the project manager role – reducing the number of candidates who would qualify. Not only did the client require someone with working knowledge of both the European and Africa markets, but the ideal candidate had to be able to work out of the European headquarters and the greenfield site in Ethiopia.

Finding the perfect resource was going to be hard, requiring a deep dive into our network as we sought the best solution.


To find this very specific resource, we employed our unique track-and-trace technology which records the capability, availability, strengths and weaknesses of all our consultants. Using this technology, we were able to quickly and accurately identify the resources which were best suited to this particular challenge.

Using the client’s brief, we were able to deliver a number of viable options quickly and efficiently. This has helped them onboard a project manager capable of bringing their new operation onto the existing SAP ECC application.


Rather than having to settle for a candidate who only partly satisfied the criteria, the client was able to choose from resources which completely met the brief. A leading candidate we brought in front of them was a Europe-based consultant who had existing business interests in Ethiopia, so was well travelled in the region.

This all served to help the client quickly and efficiently add the new operation to the existing SAP ECC application with minimal disruption to the wider business.

It wasn't an easy brief, but in the end we got what we asked for from Nick and his team at JS3 Global. The selected candidate had all the necessary experience we were looking for and delivered the project as intended, so we're delighted.
Amber Ndlovu