Infor M3/Movex

Infor M3 & Movex Consultants.

Fully cloud-supported ERP software designed to increase output, provide complete flexibility and offer analytical insight.

Complete lifecycle support
Multi-country, multi-company, multi-site support
Use anywhere in the world
23 languages, 46 countries and multiple currencies
Intuitive user experience
Next-gen user interface allows all users to take full advantage of the software

Cloud-supported software for medium and large businesses.

The industry-specific processes that come preconfigured with Infor M3 can help your business quickly benefit from the powerful new technologies. These tried-and-tested processes can significantly reduce risk whilst helping your business stay ahead of the competition.

Analyse and learn from your ERP software performance from day one. With in-depth insights, you can use the extensive intelligence at hand to curate better and more streamlined processes and strategies. Furthermore, the dashboard makes reporting a whole lot easier.

With JS3 Global, you’ll have access to our extensive network of Infor M3 software consultants. We can introduce you to M3-experienced consultants with your industry expertise.