Finance and Supply Chain Consultants for Automotive Client


An automotive client sought JS3 Global’s extensive ERP resource to aid in their upcoming QAD upgrade project. The client’s incumbent partner was struggling to find the resource with industry demand incredibly high.

In the heart of motor city, a Detroit automotive business was struggling to identify and secure the consultants required to upgrade their QAD application. Working with its channel partners and through its own network of contacts, the client was unable to secure the services of available consultants who had the requisite skill and experience to improve their QAD finance and supply chain provision.

Recognising our extensive network of ERP professionals from all around the world, the client’s channel partner reached out to JS3 Global for help.


A huge number of businesses in the USA were all implementing upgrades to their QAD application on similar timelines. This meant that skilled and experienced QAD consultants were in incredibly high demand, and there was subsequently a shortage throughout the USA.

The channel partner was concerned that an inability to secure the necessary resource could place huge stress on the relationship with the client and jeopardise the project. This led them to contact JS3 Global and utilise our extensive network of expert ERP consultants.


As anticipated by the channel partner, we were well-positioned to find the ideal required consultants. We swiftly moved to find a number of skilled consultants, each with more than 15 years of experience, and located close enough to quickly mobilise and help upgrade the client’s QAD application.

This helped to ensure that the client’s project stayed on track and did not diminish the channel partner’s reputation. It proved a quick and effective resolution to a problem that has been impacting a significant number of businesses looking to upgrade their QAD application.


Using our network of skilled ERP professionals, the channel partner was able to effectively provide their services to the client at a cost which ensured a healthy margin was maintained. It also ensured that the client received a level of service provision which meant the QAD application upgrade was completed to a high standard.

The JS3 Global team were able to implement the correct level of ERP expertise in a timely manner, so the project didn’t suffer, and the timeline wasn’t impacted.

Thanks to Nick, Steve and the team at JS3 for a brilliant service. We'l be using you again for sure.
Stephen Bannington