Data Migration from Baan IV to Infor LN


A European electronics manufacturer contacted us for help securing effective resource for their migration from Baan IV to Infor LN – resolving an issue that had affected their business for years.

When the electronics manufacturer contacted us to help them secure a resource which would help them migrate from Baan IV to Infor LN, they had already been working on the project for a couple of years. The client had been using vendor migration tools and partner resources, but was struggling to progress the project as neither were fit for purpose.

With an impending project, reliant on a successful migration, the client had to take action and ensure a smooth migration. Seeking our help, they opened themselves up to leading data migration consultants from around the globe.



With a legacy of vendor migration tools and partner resources previously attempting the data migration, there was a lot of rationale to unpick when we were in the identification period. Furthermore, the strict deadline that was imposed by the incoming project meant there was no leeway in delivery dates – we had to get this right first time.

A strict timeline and tricky project which had left many consultants unstuck over the years certainly created a challenging environment. However, we did have a solution…


The first step we took was to really investigate the client’s environment, so we spent a non-billable week onsite to perform a proof of concept of the migration tool and methodology. Our independent team of experienced data migration consultants were able to identify the issues with the current tool and process, and built a custom-made solution.

This attention to detail helped our team identify where previous attempts had gone wrong, and how our data migration specialists could help turn the tide and deliver this project on time.



Following our onsite analysis and consultancy, the client quickly moved forward and engaged. In the months that followed, the team were on the ground and the project back on course. Following years of stuttering activity and false starts, the project was moving swiftly and efficiently.

The client has been extremely happy with the delivery team and subsequently engaged JS3 Global to provide further developers and functional consultants to help with ongoing projects and ensure they never get a repeat of the issues they faced.

We were extremely happy that JS3 were able to solve this long-standing issue with us. We've since engaged with them on a number of other projects.
Brian McCormack