Skilled Infor LN Developer for Manufacturing Client


A multinational manufacturing client based in Canada were undertaking a global Infor LN rollout. However, they were struggling to identify an appropriately-skilled Infor LN developer to drive the process.

When the Canada-based multinational manufacturing client required a skilled and experienced Infor LN developer, we scoured our network of ERP professionals to find the perfect fit. The client was looking to globally rollout Infor LN and had employed the services of multiple developers to carry out this task – however, they were left disappointed by the quality of the candidates until JS3 Global was engaged.

Using our unique process of identifying the perfect candidate, we were able to quickly change the client’s fortunes and help them find the ideal developer.


The client had used significant time and money resources to identify an Infor LN developer to help implement the rollout of the application globally. They were largely unsuccessful, only finding developers who were not up the expected standards. Following this, the client created a very specific and in-depth testing process to screen candidates, but this only served to rule out applicants.

The very specific requirements of the role meant that a candidate with a very particular skillset was required. And this is when JS3 Global was introduced to help solve this issue.


The very specific requirements of the client lent itself perfectly to our unique track-and-trace technology which records the capability, availability, strengths and weaknesses of all our consultants. Using this technology, we were able to quickly identify an individual working out of Russia who met all of the criteria and was available.

We set out immediately to put the candidate in front of the client, and have them take part in the unique testing process they had developed.


As expected, the candidate passed the testing process with flying colors, and was engaged onto their Infor LN rollout project for 18 months. Not only did this give the client peace of mind that they had finally found the developer who could effectively handle all the tasks the project would throw their way.

The client can now stop spending significant resources searching for an Infor LN developer to lead the rollout process. In the short and long term, this will help save the client significant sums and put the project firmly back on track.

We were lucky we found JS3 Global as we had exhausted other options, but a Google search led us to them in the end and they delivered everything we needed, really quickly too!
Dave Reddish