Infor M3 Techno-Functional / Technical Architect

15 years of experience on M3 with demonstrated success in the implementation and maintenance of all M3 Products.


With an excellent  balance of technology and business skills and over 15 years of experience in managing the complete software development life cycle of internal and external enterprise web  and ERP applications.

Skilled in multiple technologies including ERP (Infor M3), web application platforms, including Java (J2EE), WebObjects, Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl (LAMP), and Fluent in Java, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With an ability to design and produce highly interactive, modern interfaces contributing to a positive and intuitive user experience.


v7.1, 10.1, 12.4, 13.1, 13.4 & 16

Module Expertise

Sales, Distribution, Finance, Purchase , Procurement, Supply Chain

Country Experience

USA , Netherlands , Belgium , France , Lithuania , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Finland , China , Canada


➢ Programming: Extend-M3 (Custom API’s and DB triggers) o ISP Integration (Business spend management and AP automation module) ➢ Integrations (Infor OS + MEC – Standard & Custom BOD’s): o Finance Integration ▪ supplier payments and supplier remittances with M3 Standard (GEMS) ▪ Local implementation for eInvoicing, SDI reporting, Tax reporting, MTD ▪ Countries implemented: Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Italy ▪ Bank statement providers – Adyen, iController, ISP o Warehouse management system o Sales module related Integration ▪ Infor Saleshub o Supply chain Integration ▪ Tradeshift with 3-way invoice matching possibilities o Production planning Integration ▪ Greycon / Optstudio (Production planning tool) o Master data integration ▪ Windchill – Product life management software ▪ Optiva – Cloud based product lifecycle management platform ▪ Tibco EBX – A master data management tool o Integration of Expenses, timesheet report portal (External) with M3 o YMS (Yard management system) Integration o Provisioning / Customization of the existing standard Bods for integration requirements IDM: o Configuration of Enterprise printing using Infor OS Enterprise connector with OnPrem printers (Replacement to google cloud print). o Customized the following documents based on customer requirements ▪ Customer Invoice (Categorization based on country), Delivery note, Order confirmation, Bill of Lading, Supplier contract, claim document. o Out of box solution for processing and storing documents in IDM as per customer needs o Created / proposed Custom document types, custom email templates and email parameters configuration based on Matrix (For Order confirmation and Invoice). o Customization of M3 Standard reports / templates. ➢ Data migration: o Excel solution to communicate with rest APIs for download and upload of data o Company copies across cloud tenants o Migration scripts for data migration from On-Premises to Cloud ➢ System administration: o Enterprise connector (ION Grid installation along with CFT and PrintService application) o Enterprise location configuration on the tenant level to connect FTPs, Message queue services and On-Premise printers
M3 Personalization: H5 Scripting (Porting from ISO Script), Mashup (Web Mashup is using SDK), App Builder. ➢ M3 Integrations: MEC (Infor Business Document Mapper), CLM, API Data Engine, ION Integrations (For IDM and Birst), Event Driven Integrations, Infor EDI Integration (With the Extensibility of BOD). ➢ M3 Migration: o DM from v7.1, 10.1 to 13.4 o MEC Mappings/Agreements and FFD porting from v10.1 to 13.4 o Streamserve report migration & Configuration from On-Premise to Infor Cloud Version. o Excel solutions using web services to align with v13.4 authentication and web services calling procedures. o Java solution to interact with IDM to retrieve logos to be displayed in M3 Reports. o Web services – Excel solution redesign from 32-bit to 64-bit ➢ M3 BI: Birst (No Implementation expertise, has training exposure)
M3 Programming: M3 Java Versions 10.1, 12.4 & 13.4 ➢ M3 Personalization: Smart Office scripting, Mash up programming ➢ M3 Integrations: API Programming, MEC (M3 E-Collaborator), Infor Web Services, SQL Scheduler, EDI Integrations & Excel Integrations o Integrations using BOD and ION workflows (Infor OS) for ▪ Integration of Supply chain management portal (External) ▪ Integration of Warehouse Management (WMS - External) ▪ Integration of Supplier Portal ▪ ISP Invoice – To automate the processing of incoming invoices (PO related invoices and expenses invoices) ▪ Integration with Salesforce o Timesheet portal integration with PO flow in M3 o Infor Factory Track Integration ➢ M3 Tools: ICM (Infor Lifecycle Manager), LIM(M3 Interest Center Manager) &IES(Enterprise Search tool) & MAK(M3 Adaptation Kit) ➢ M3 Configuration: Infor Web Service server, Event hub configuration, Migration scripts, M3 Grid configuration & Maintenance, M3 Auto job configuration, M3 Scheduler configuration, Standard & Customer fixes installations ➢ M3 Third Party Integrations: FIWE, Astro, HPM, MES, BEC & Demand Solutions ➢ Infor Factory track: Form and process customization, Migration and upgraded FT versions