Infor M3 Techno-Functional / Technical Architect

15 years of experience of M3, with demonstrated success in the implementation and maintenance of M3 Products.


v7.1, 10.1, 12.4, 13.1, 13.4 & 16

Module Expertise

Sales, Distribution, Finance, Purchase , Procurement, Supply Chain

Country Experience

USA , Netherlands , Belgium , France , Lithuania , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Finland , China , Canada


➢ Programming: Extend-M3 (Custom API’s and DB triggers) o ISP Integration (Business spend management and AP automation module) ➢ Integrations (Infor OS + MEC – Standard & Custom BOD’s): o Finance Integration ▪ supplier payments and supplier remittances with M3 Standard (GEMS) ▪ Local implementation for eInvoicing, SDI reporting, Tax reporting, MTD ▪ Countries implemented: Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Italy ▪ Bank statement providers – Adyen, iController, ISP o Warehouse management system o Sales module related Integration ▪ Infor Saleshub o Supply chain Integration ▪ Tradeshift with 3-way invoice matching possibilities o Production planning Integration ▪ Greycon / Optstudio (Production planning tool) o Master data integration ▪ Windchill – Product life management software ▪ Optiva – Cloud based product lifecycle management platform ▪ Tibco EBX – A master data management tool o Integration of Expenses, timesheet report portal (External) with M3 o YMS (Yard management system) Integration o Provisioning / Customization of the existing standard Bods for integration requirements IDM: o Configuration of Enterprise printing using Infor OS Enterprise connector with OnPrem printers (Replacement to google cloud print). o Customized the following documents based on customer requirements ▪ Customer Invoice (Categorization based on country), Delivery note, Order confirmation, Bill of Lading, Supplier contract, claim document. o Out of box solution for processing and storing documents in IDM as per customer needs o Created / proposed Custom document types, custom email templates and email parameters configuration based on Matrix (For Order confirmation and Invoice). o Customization of M3 Standard reports / templates. ➢ Data migration: o Excel solution to communicate with rest APIs for download and upload of data o Company copies across cloud tenants o Migration scripts for data migration from On-Premises to Cloud ➢ System administration: o Enterprise connector (ION Grid installation along with CFT and PrintService application) o Enterprise location configuration on the tenant level to connect FTPs, Message queue services and On-Premise printers
M3 Personalization: H5 Scripting (Porting from ISO Script), Mashup (Web Mashup is using SDK), App Builder. ➢ M3 Integrations: MEC (Infor Business Document Mapper), CLM, API Data Engine, ION Integrations (For IDM and Birst), Event Driven Integrations, Infor EDI Integration (With the Extensibility of BOD). ➢ M3 Migration: o DM from v7.1, 10.1 to 13.4 o MEC Mappings/Agreements and FFD porting from v10.1 to 13.4 o Streamserve report migration & Configuration from On-Premise to Infor Cloud Version. o Excel solutions using web services to align with v13.4 authentication and web services calling procedures. o Java solution to interact with IDM to retrieve logos to be displayed in M3 Reports. o Web services – Excel solution redesign from 32-bit to 64-bit ➢ M3 BI: Birst (No Implementation expertise, has training exposure)
M3 Programming: M3 Java Versions 10.1, 12.4 & 13.4 ➢ M3 Personalization: Smart Office scripting, Mash up programming ➢ M3 Integrations: API Programming, MEC (M3 E-Collaborator), Infor Web Services, SQL Scheduler, EDI Integrations & Excel Integrations o Integrations using BOD and ION workflows (Infor OS) for ▪ Integration of Supply chain management portal (External) ▪ Integration of Warehouse Management (WMS - External) ▪ Integration of Supplier Portal ▪ ISP Invoice – To automate the processing of incoming invoices (PO related invoices and expenses invoices) ▪ Integration with Salesforce o Timesheet portal integration with PO flow in M3 o Infor Factory Track Integration ➢ M3 Tools: ICM (Infor Lifecycle Manager), LIM(M3 Interest Center Manager) &IES(Enterprise Search tool) & MAK(M3 Adaptation Kit) ➢ M3 Configuration: Infor Web Service server, Event hub configuration, Migration scripts, M3 Grid configuration & Maintenance, M3 Auto job configuration, M3 Scheduler configuration, Standard & Customer fixes installations ➢ M3 Third Party Integrations: FIWE, Astro, HPM, MES, BEC & Demand Solutions ➢ Infor Factory track: Form and process customization, Migration and upgraded FT versions